Coast KZN

05 Apr 2017

You are warmly invited to spend our golden month with us

Judi Davis (South Coast Herald)

In autumn the Indian Ocean reverts to its natural indigo.

The April holidays offer almost perfect weather.

April is the South Coast’s golden month, when summer winds down and mellow autumn sets in and the weather turns as close to perfect as it could possibly be.

As any local will tell you, April is probably the best time of the year to visit our gorgeous stretch of South African coastline so if you have booked to spend your Easter holiday season here, pat yourself on the back for your wise choice.
The autumn days are never too hot and humid, but the mercury seldom drops to an uncomfortable low. In fact, there are very few autumn days when a visit to beach would not be an option. With the letting up of the rainy season and the slowing down of the rivers, our autumn sea cleans up, reverting to its natural deep indigo colour.

The clear autumn ocean, fringed by sandy beaches, rocky shores and vegetated dunes, presents visitors with the picture-perfect seascapes that are hard to find outside the travel brochures.
Over Easter and during our other holiday seasons, visitors to our sunny shores are absolutely spoilt for choice. For happy families there are always plenty of holiday events, beach sports and seaside entertainment, not only at main beaches like Margate but at many of our smaller beaches.

Of course, Margate is the centre of all the holiday action – and for visitors wishing to escape the madding crowds there are plenty of quieter beaches to explore.

The South Coast isn’t just about the sea shore.
For a start this area offers plenty of cultural opportunities for residents and visitors, including regular classical music concerts and a wide range of excellent shows from Durban and further afield, on stage at the Margate Retirement Village’s well equipped mini-theatre, Azalea Hall.

There is a great selection of good eateries and other entertainment venues in all the towns, big and small, right along the South Coast.

What many people don’t realise is that we have a large population of professional artists living and working here and that the South Coast has become a well-established art centre. Anyone interested in art should make a point of visiting some of the excellent galleries.

Sporty types will be more than happy with the facilities on offer here. The South Coast is so well known for its excellent golf courses that it is often called the ‘Golf Coast’.
There are running clubs, bowling clubs, country clubs, water sport opportunities and even a parkrun, from St Michael’s beach, every Saturday at 8am. St Michael’s is also a world renowned surfing beach but there are many other excellent surf spots all along the coast.

If you are a keen walker you will be delighted to find good, safe coastal paths and nature trails almost everywhere along our shoreline.

What sometimes isn’t so evident is that the South Coast, including its exquisite, less-developed hinterland, is a premier eco-tourism destination for birders, wildlife photographers and nature lovers, not just because of the bigger reserves like Oribi Gorge, Umtamvuna and Lake Eland.

Thanks to the many conservancies that flourish in this area there are many tiny urban beauty spots that are well maintained and are an absolute joy to visit.
A number of the South Coast’s green places have, not surprisingly, made it onto the popular Southern KwaZulu-Natal Birding Route, but even local gardens can offer some productive armchair birding.

In short, the South Coast has something for everyone – during golden autumn and at any other time of the year.