Coast KZN

24 Feb 2018

Winkle Beach pool closed for repairs

Earl Baillache (South Coast Sun) Picture: Contractors moved on site on Wednesday morning, 24 January to begin repairs.

It is just not safe to open the pool as injury is inevitable.

The Winklespruit Beach pool is currently closed to the public as a result of a problem with the submerged pumps which are embedded within the sand south of the pool.

Ward 97 councillor, Andre Beetge reported that efforts to expose all three pumps on Monday, 23 January were hampered by excessive sand build-up, which made it difficult to locate.

“The three pumps are separately encased about six metres into the sand and below the low tide mark. This allows seawater to filter into the casing, whereafter it is pumped up to the pool,” said Cllr Beetge.

On draining, several of the ceramic tiles were found either broken or dislodged, thereby compromising swimming until such time as their replacement can be effected. Pools are normally drained and maintenance undertaken during the winter months, starting from the end of April.

“The discovery of water entering between and lifting a rather large number of tiles necessitates work that was only scheduled to start in three months’ time. Given the current situation, it is just not safe to open the pool as injury is inevitable.”

What is, however of concern is the fact that all the damaged tiles are located within a previously repaired area. Cllr Beetge said there could be various reasons for this which include movement within the rock bed, movement within the infrastructure as there are a series of pipes that run along the same line, or inferior application in the first instance.

“‘On the beach’ conditions are far different from those just off or in close proximity to the beach as while I was on site, I noted the lifeguard hut and palisade fence, which received a coat of paint in the not too distant past, was actually peeling and in need of renewed attention. Progress on repairs will be communicated as and when available.”