Coast KZN

28 May 2018

Whale carcass washes up at Zinkwazi Beach

Allan Troskie (North coast Courier) Picture: A juvenile humpback whale’s carcass landed at Zinkwazi Beach over the course of last night (Sunday) and was discovered by beachgoers early this morning.

Within hours taxis started arriving with people running for their share of the meat.

At present it is not certain what may have led to the young animal’s death, though wounds observed by the first comers suggest it may possibly have been hit by a vessel at sea.

The carcass attracted a small crowd of onlookers and, even faster, a crowd of eager knife-wielders keen to get their hands on some of the whale’s meat.

Specialised Rescue Unit’s Quentin Power reminded people that it is illegal to be in possession of any part of a whale, including any meat or blubber.

He also urged the public not to touch the carcass, as – if the animal did die due to disease or the like – the flesh may be unfit for consumption.

By 8.30am taxis had started arriving full of people rushing to carve out their share of the meat and blubber.
As the whale was already dead when it washed ashore, responsibility for removing the carcass falls to KwaDukuza municipality.

The presence of the carcass will also have attracted many sharks to the area, so beachgoers are warned to stay out of the water and follow the instructions of lifeguards.