Coast KZN

12 Dec 2022

WET WEATHER: Flood warning issued for KZN South Coast

Shona Aylward (South Coast Herald) Picture: A tree came down on this vehicle in Ramsgate earlier today.

The KZN South Coast has been hit by a continuous, heavy downpour since yesterday (Sunday). In Margate, 148 mm of rain was recorded by 13:00 today. The South African Weather Service issued a Level 2 warning today (Monday, December 12) saying that some of the impacts could be localised flooding at informal settlements and at low lying bridges.

see video:

“Difficult driving conditions can occur on dirt roads. Motor vehicle accidents could occur due to poor visibility and slippery roads. Mudslides are also possible,” the statement read.

In the meantime, Ugu District Municipality is working around the clock to restore water supply to areas affected by power outages and flooding.

Flooding in Pearce Road in Southport. Blocked stormwater drains are a huge problem during heavy downpours.

The municipality is currently seized with the process of restoring water supply to areas where supply has been disrupted due to ongoing roll out of Eskom power outages and downpours. The unending implementation of Eskom power outages is having a major negative impact on municipal water infrastructure as it continues daily to cripple water generation regime of our major water works in the district.

“Our technicians are currently experiencing difficulties in completing a major pipe repair which runs across the Domba River due to flooding and conditions have become impossible for any repair work to take place in the area as rain continues to flood the area,” said the statement.

“Technicians are, however, onsite monitoring the levels of the river until conditions become safe to complete the repairs as this pipe break has disrupted supply of water to the northern areas towards Hibberdene and inland areas. Water relief supply is being prioritised to the affected areas while conditions are being monitored for repairs to be conducted.

Wet roads are dangerous, and motorists are urged to drive carefully. This accident occurred in Ramsgate earlier today. The vehicle aquaplaned off the N2. Photo by MI7 Ambulance Service.

We therefore call upon our consumers affected by these ongoing repairs to bear with us while we contend with the challenges associated with the widespread power blackouts and flooding. For continuous updates on water and sanitation related matters, visit and like our Facebook page: Ugu District Municipality.”

While there is currently a high risk of water supply interruptions in most areas across the district due to power outages, the municipality will continue monitoring systems and water quality while doing everything possible to ensure that the impact to consumers is minimised.