Coast KZN

12 Apr 2021

Wessa resumes with environmental courses

Nothando Mthembu (Southlands Sun) Picture: Wessa Education Centre supervisor and Senior Education Officer, Kevin Lakani.

The environmental enthusiasts of Wessa Treasure Beach are eager to welcome back learners. The educational centre had to halt its programmes and services for almost a year due to lockdown. Now slowly finding its feet again, schools are invited to sign up for the variety of environmental courses, workshops, presentations and projects on offer.

“We closed when lockdown started last year and had to work from home. Wessa was no longer making money which resulted in retrenchments where many lost their jobs. However, thanks to funding from the Economic Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs (EDTEA) Department to start up a new programme, in September last year, known as Wessa on Wheels,  we take the interactive environmental education programme to the schools. Initially, this programme was intended to create awareness on Covid-19 as well as curriculum support,” said Wessa Education Centre supervisor and Senior Education Officer, Kevin Lakani who shared that the programme has been going very well.

“The programme is open to all schools.  However, at the moment we have been primarily focusing on disadvantaged schools. Some of the schools still find it difficult to come to our centres. Many learners at some of these schools have been left behind in terms of being up to date with the curriculum due to the setback caused by lockdown. We have found that stepping outside the classroom to engage in interactive learning helps learners gain a better understanding of the theory that they are taught. They can apply concepts into real life,” added Lakani.

Wessa Treasure Beach provides a hands-on approach used by staff to encourage a practical understanding of the environment and how to care for it through conservation.

“I have so much love for the environment and I just want to share that with others. Education and awareness is the best way to do this. It’s also important to note the love for plants or animals should also be linked to how we conduct ourselves and influence the choices we make, so that we don’t harm the environment we claim to love. Nobody wants to go to a polluted beach, but it’s also on us to ensure we don’t litter, in order to avoid this. I believe this needs to be instilled in the youth so they can take all that they have learned back at home and educate others. They are the future generation and the planet depends on proactive environmentally conscious individuals ” said Kevin.

Wessa Treasure Beach is situated at 835 Marine Drive, Bluff.

For more information contact the centre on 031-467-8508.