Coast KZN

29 Oct 2019

Water Update: Emergency berm being placed in order to contain saline water

Zimasa Mgwili (South Coast Herald)

Ugu says all command reservoirs are empty and no water is being reticulated.

There are still no answers from Ugu on when water supply will be restored. However, an interim solution to contain saline water is being implemented.  According to Ugu, generous businessmen have come forward  to help build an emergency berm across the Umzimkhulu River. Ugu spokesman France Zama has said this emergency berm is being fast-tracked in order to contain saline water away from the abstraction point.

Meanwhile, the pump station remains off and production at Bhobhoyi is still on hold.

“All command reservoirs are  empty and no water is being reticulated.”

Both Uvongo and Shelly beach reservoir have water in reserve.

“Uvongo reservoir has 36 hours’ reserve at most and  Shelly Beach has 12 hours’ reserve. Both communities are urged to use water sparingly.”

All other affected areas are being provided with relief water supply. Additional static tanks have been sourced to assist with temporary storage.

“Water is being sourced from uMthavuna system, but due to distance and available supply the turnaround is longer.”