Coast KZN

01 Jun 2021

WATCH: ‘Crazy weather’ leaves South Coast cold and wet

Shona Aylward (South Coast Herald) Picture: Mike Davies. Marine Drive in Umtentweni flooded near Third Avenue.

The heavy rainfall and thundershowers have left a path of destruction in and around the coast. It was described by some as ‘crazy weather’, especially in June. The loud cracks and rumbles of thunder have been heard all morning.

Reports from road users are indicating that most roads are still slippery and wet. Motorists are warned to be careful of obstacles such as potholes, flooding and mudslides.

It is a rather chilly day on the coast.

Motorists are warned to extra careful when driving on the coastal roads. This was taken near the Tweni bridge.

Not surprising as there is currently snow on the Barkly Pass between Barkly East and Elliot in the Eastern Cape, according to the the Storm Report SA team. The transformation in weather overnight has been astonishing, with some rivers having burst their banks.

Watch this video below of the St Mike’s river in full flood.