Coast KZN

11 Dec 2019

Warning: Spring tides expected this week

(South Coast Herald) Picture: Stormy surf. File photo by Jacques Sellschop

The South African Weather Service has warned visitors to the coast to beware of spring tides expected this week. Tidal ranges are increasing, and the highest tidal ranges for this cycle will be experienced along the coastline on Thursday (12th) and Friday (13th), ahead of the long weekend. The service advises that care should be taken on the days leading up to and following these periods, as high tides will be higher than average and low tides will be lower than average. “Caution is advised for areas which may be exposed to the lower-than-normal low tide but will flood when the tide rises.

Furthermore, certain areas that are normally accessible may be flooded due to the higher-than-average high tide (e.g. rocky outcrops and headlands),” read a statement issued earlier this week. Visitors to the coastline during the festive season are furthermore reminded to observe all normal precautions in respect of waves and rip currents. It is recommended that beach goers swim only at life guarded beaches, within demarcated swimming areas, the statement added.