Coast KZN

10 Nov 2016

Warning: Heavy rains expected in Zululand

Orrin SIngh (Zululand Observer)

Zululand could receive up to 100mm of rainfall this coming weekend. (Photo Credit: eNCA)

Experts predict extreme levels of rain throughout Zululand this weekend

Zululanders should prepare for a seriously wet weekend.

In the wake of the heavy rains and floods in Gauteng yesterday, eNCA’s weather team have predicted that Zululand could receive between 50 and 100mm of rainfall from today and most likely carry through into this coming weekend.

It spells good news for local farmers who have been predicting the rain for some time now.

Chris de Beer from Heatonville said that he knows the rain is definitely on its way.

‘When I looked out my window this morning, I saw the rain lilies budding. It is somewhat of an old wives’ tale my mother taught me, but so far every time they bloom, the rain follows within 48 hours.’

Fingers are crossed that this could be the beginning of the end of the dreaded El Niño event which has so far been the contributor factor to the country’s drought situation.

Or is this just wishful thinking?