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05 May 2017

Waddle for a Week: Walking in support of the African penguin and the environment

Unathi Nkanjeni (News 24)


The 7th annual Penguin Promises Waddle for a Week is taking place in Cape Town from 08 to 13 May

The 7th annual Penguin Promises Waddle for a Week is taking place in Cape Town from 08 to 13 May.

The group consisting of representatives from The South African Association for Marine Biological Research (SAAMBR), Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds (SANCCOB), the Two Oceans Aquarium, and other penguin and environmental enthusiasts will tackle a 120km walk, setting off from Gansbaai, walking their way to Simon’s Town, while raising much-needed awareness about the plight of the endangered African penguin.

The initiative has been growing year on year, incorporating waddlers from around the country since 2011. This year, partnering with Spar Western Cape, Elsabe Van Zyl, SPAR Western Cape Advertising Manager, says they are proud to partner with the annual Waddle for a Week.

“Raising awareness of the need to care for our environment is always close to our heart and ensuring the health and well-being of our oceans are of paramount importance. The outreach component to the Waddle this year ticks all boxes as it speaks to our younger supporters and the choices that they make,” says Van Zyl.

According to the initiative, the endangered African penguin is only found along the Southern African coastline. Their distribution stretches from Namibia in the west, to Algoa Bay in the east.

These enigmatic birds face extinction in the wild as their numbers continue to decline dramatically. Loss of food source due to overfishing, climate change and habitat destruction are just some of the factors taking their toll.


How can you help the African penguin and the waddlers?

By simply making a promise to make a change in your daily life, you can positively effect change in the environment, according to the campaign.

NOTE: These promises are funneled through the Penguin Promises campaign and can be submitted to

Promises should be kept simple and achievable. Some examples of promises include:

Declining straws, using reusable shopping bags rather than plastic bags, taking quick showers rather than bathing, adhering to water by-laws, and choosing only sustainable seafood, to name but a few.
What to expect

School children along the route will be educated about making everyday choices that have a positive impact on the environment through interactive activities focusing on electricity, water, waste and biodiversity. Puppet shows and puppet stories will cater to younger children on the same themes.

On the final day of the Waddle, Saturday 13 May, the group will depart from Muizenberg and will walk to Simon’s Town and would love to see as many Capetonians and visitors as possible join them. Dress in black and white and show your love and support of the African penguin.


Transport for the Waddlers is kindly provided by De Kat Safaris, and all lodging for the week is also generously sponsored by various accommodation establishments.

Where: Muizenberg – Surfer’s Corner

When: 08 till 13 May

Time: From 09:00 to 13:00.

Cost: Free access to the Boulder’s boardwalk for fifty participating public.

For further information about the Penguin Promises Waddle for a Week, visit or email Hayley McLellan on