Coast KZN

13 Jan 2022

Uvongo and Lucien beaches reopen as water quality improves

(South Coast Herald) Picture: Tebuho Zongwana. Uvongo Beach

Most of the holidaymakers are gone back home to start work again and get the children ready for school, yet our local beaches are still busy as ever. It’s good to see everyone having lots of fun, but don’t forget to clean up after yourself. This past weekend, there was rubbish galore at Scottburgh beach and for a Saturday night, the restaurants were so quiet, which had me thinking – perhaps potential customers stayed away because of the awful sight.

My issue this time is not so much with cleanliness, but rather the beach parking fees. Throughout the festive season, everyone knows that a small fee must be paid at certain beaches should beachgoers want to park their vehicles in the beach parking lots. It’s usually R40 or R50 but at Park Rynie beach it was R110. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who went there expecting to pay a small amount and left because I was short on cash.

I came across a recent social media post which showed that two families went down to the beach and paid that fee and still had to deal with locked bathrooms. Why pay so much to enter a beach if you can’t even make use of the ablution block? It’s crazy.

I would also think that because many of these holidaymakers have left, the price would go down or be done away with completely, but no, we still have to dig deep into our pockets as locals just to bring our vehicles down to the beach.

Although it’s unrealistic, it would be nice if this parking fee was done away with so everyone can relax at the beach without being forced to park in an unsafe spot on the side of the road somewhere, and walk down to the beach just because they don’t have enough cash or refuse to pay ridiculous amounts.