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17 Mar 2017

Update: La Montagne fence fiasco continues

Allan Troskie (North Coast Courier) Picture: There isn't really any room to extend the promenade around the new fence at La Montagne.


“We have agreed to cease construction for the moment – but we still intend to put up the fence”

Rarely has an action so universally aggravated a community as the erection of a fence across the promenade at La Montagne recently.

However, it would appear that there is light at the end of the tunnel. According to KDM communication and knowledge officer Sphelelo Ngobese, the erection of the fence was illegal.

“A meeting was held on Thursday, March 9, wherein the matter was discussed by the representatives of the municipality and La Montagne and a process was agreed on by the parties as to how the matter will be dealt with.

“La Montagne has given an undertaking that they will not proceed with the erection of the fence.”

Ngobese said KDM would keep the public informed of future developments.

However, Tim Spencer – the director of hotels for First Group, who manage La Montagne, said this wasn’t exactly correct.

“We have agreed to cease construction for the moment – but we still intend to put up the fence.”
According to Spencer they have been making submissions to various bodies to get approval for the fence since February 2015 but had no feedback.

“So we decided to put up the fence and see what happens – and surprise, suddenly we got feedback.”

Spencer told The Courier that they agreed at the meeting to provide all their submissions from years past to KDM on Friday, whereafter the municipality would have 21 days to either approve or block the plans.

He said they had had security issues and that the fence was for the protection of their residents.

“The part of the promenade in question runs over La Montagne’s private property.

“What we originally wanted was for the promenade to be extended around our fence with a floating wooden walkway – as in other areas. Now we will have to see what the municipality says.”