Coast KZN

16 Jun 2021

Update: Eight nets of sardines hauled in at Port Edward

Danielle Naidoo (South Coast Herald) Picture: Tony Quatar. Sardines arrived in Port Edward this morning.

After days of playing hide and seek with locals, the much-anticipated sardines made an appearance at Port Edward this morning (Wednesday). Netters and residents alike wasted no time in taking to the sea, to catch a glimpse of the little silver fish.

Well-known netter, Tony Outar, pictured at Port Edward this morning.

It was an exciting morning as crowds gathered on the beach, especially after the uncertainty of when the main shoal of sardines would arrive. One of the netters, Tony Outar brought in two large nets.

People flocked to Port Edward this morning following the arrival of sardines. Photo by Tony Outar.

“One net is about 300 crates and the other about 150 crates,” said Tony.

He said the price per crate was R600 but had dropped down to R400.