Coast KZN

11 Jun 2018

Unusual poaching trap found in Leisure Bay

Shona Aylward (South Coast Herald) Picture: Karel Koen, of Leisure Bay Conservancy, breaks the trap down.

Two snares were found on the trap and eight more in the vicinity.

A strange contraption recently discovered in Leisure Bay has left the community very concerned that poachers are at work in the area.

Jenny Koen, treasurer of the Leisure Bay Conservancy, said the trap was found last Tuesday and confirmed that it had since been dismantled.

She explained that the contraption was discovered between a residential area and the R61 in a remote section of Leisure Bay.

It is believed that poachers erect this kind of trap to capture animals such as buck, monkeys and bush pigs.

Two snares were found on the trap and eight more in the vicinity.

“We knew that poachers were operating in the area, but have never found a structure like this before,” said Jenny.

The trap is unusual in that it was put together with nails, screws and coach bolts.

The trap, according to Jenny, consists of two parallel walls of poles, about two metres long and one-and-a-half metres high.

“What has puzzled us is the use of coach bolts,” she added.

Jenny said she had reported the trap to the environmental section of the municipality’s Law Enforcement Unit and to the Green Scorpions, while the chairman of the Neighbourhood Watch, Martyn Nagtegaal, had reported it at the Port Edward police station.

She said kudos must be given to organisations and private individuals who do regular snare patrols in Leisure Bay.

“All these people and organisations should be recognised. They do good work; it’s a heart-thing, for our animals.

“Norbert Gintner for example, has been doing this alone for many years, and without fanfare, without being a member of any organisation and without most residents even knowing what he does – and he actually doesn’t want accolades,” said Jenny.

“The same can be said of AC Smith,” she added.

Looking After Leisure Bay (LALB), founded by Phillip Lennon and Vanessa Murray, has been instrumental not only in keeping the area spotlessly clean, but regularly carrying out snare patrols.

Phillip said that LALB’s fantastic eco patrolman, Senzo Wise, deserves a special mention as his snare patrols saw the removal of 200 snares snares from the Leisure Bay bush over a period of eight months.