Coast KZN

11 Sep 2019

Unusual discoveries on Mtunzini beach

Larry Bentley )Zululand Observer) Picture: The whale which was washed up on the Mtunzini beach PHOTOS: Nic Maitland

TWO unusual findings were discovered last week on the main beach in Mtunzini. The first was a young Humpback whale carcass which was washed up on the beach in the south.

It appears that the whale was attacked at sea, was injured and eventually washed up onto the beach.

The Loggerhead turtle nest

Although not confirmed it is suspected that the whale might have been bitten by an orca (killer whale).

The second finding was that of a Loggerhead turtle nest, also south of the main beach.

Two of the Loggerhead turtle eggs found on the beach

The eggs were broken and appeared to have dried embryos. The origin of the eggs is unknown as the turtles’ annual nesting season is from November and ends when the hatchlings dash for the sea up to the end of March.

The whale appeared to have bite marks on its body PHOTO: Nic Maitland

Also confusing is that no signs or reports of adult turtle tracks were noted by beach users or the authorities earlier in the year, which would have shown laying activity in the area.