Coast KZN

07 Feb 2018

Umtamvuna pump station still offline – water should be restored by this evening

Zimusa Mgwili (South Coast Herald) Picture: Ugu officials inspect the site at Goqoza in Izingolweni.

Residents are urged to use water sparingly in the meantime.

Officials from Ugu District Municipality visited the affected site in Umtamvuna’s water system at Goqoza in Izingolweni earlier today.

An official said that although the water pump had been tampered with, that it was not due to community unrest.

“A team visited the site this morning and it was detected that certain people from the Goqoza area have vandalised municipal infrastructure and tampered with two scouring valves, thus interrupting normal operations,” said the official.

The official said that the sabotaged system was not due to any issues the community may have with municipality.

“Although previous similar incidents were due to community unrest, this was not the case this time.”

The official said technicians were working around the clock to restore supply to the affected areas.

Restoration time is estimated to be this evening.

Customers are urged to use water sparingly in the meantime.


The community of Izingolweni (Goqozi) is said to be holding Ugu District Municipality to ransom following the municipality’s alleged failure to meet some of its demands.

Some members of the community have reportedly sabotaged the Umtamvuna pump station, cutting off water supply.

According to Ugu, this means areas from Port Edward to Southbroom, including Ezinqoleni, KwaXolo and KwaNzimakwe, may experience water supply problems.

According to sources, this is not the first time this had happened. The sources say whenever the community in the Goqozi area is not happy about service delivery, it sabotages the water system.

“Communities are urged to use the water they have sparingly as restoration time is unknown at this point,” reads a post on the Ugu Municipality Talk Facebook page.

Ugu officials say they are currently in a meeting with the community in an attempt to resolve the problems.