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15 Feb 2021

UKZN releases two rehabilitated Yellow-billed Kites

(Northglen News)

Two Yellow-billed Kites, that were rehabilitated at the Centre for Rehabilitation of Wildlife (CROW ), were recently released into the wild by researchers from the University of KwaZulu-Natal.  According to CROW’s spokesman, Alexandra Kögl, both birds were ringed and fitted with transmitter devices just in time for their annual migration.

“Yellow-billed Kites are migratory birds and take off on their long flight to central-east Africa around March every year. The transmitters and rings will help to track the birds on their flight path, adding valuable data to the research into these incredible birds,” she said.

The two female birds were admitted to CROW within a short time span of one another. The first suffered from a concussion after it was clipped by a car and the second was a juvenile that failed on its first flight. After a few months at CROW, with rigorous flight practice and protein-rich diets, the birds were ready to be released.

“People don’t often realise that a crucial part of rehabilitation happens after the animal is released back into the wild. Post-release monitoring helps us track the progress of our former patients and establish how they are doing in their new environment,” said Kögl.

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