Coast KZN

14 Aug 2020

Two sharks, one Scotsman and a terrific tuna

(South Coast Herald) Picture: Hugo Botha with a Scotsman caught off the rocks.

It seems that in terms of local fishing it has been a quieter week than usual. This could have had something to do with the howling south-westerly winds that whipped through last week. Or it could have been due to the undercurrents affecting conditions.

Charles Parsons with a bronze bream caught off Ramsgate.

Whatever the case, locals were expecting it to turn around (at the time of writing) on Wednesday this week. Despite all this, South Coast fishermen never disappoint and some interesting and varied catches were had. One of the highlights was a 20kg tuna caught on live shad by Steven Moodley at Margate pier.It  took him about 15 minutes to bring in, so a nice fight.

Steven is from Port Shepstone and part of the Hard Trow Fishing group.

Steven Moodley with a 20kg tuna caught at Margate pier.

Hugo Botha landed a Scotsman, usually caught out in the deep, off the side at Orange Rocks. He also bagged a few bronze bream, which made for some tasty supper. Charles Parsons also caught a bronze bream off Ramsgate, using pink prawn as bait.

Dentist Pedro Ferreira reeled in two dusky sharks off Margate pier at night.

Pedro Ferreira with a dusky shark caught at Margate pier.

Some shad have been bagged at Station Bay and Elephant Rock in Port Shepstone. An 8kg garrick was landed at Margate pier by an angler known as Niels. Hopefully his surname will emerge in due course!

Meanwhile, there were some spectacular whale sightings off Whale Rock in Ramsgate, a reminder that despite our many challenges, we really do live in a beautiful place.