Coast KZN

22 Sep 2023

Twenty-one snares recovered in sweep near Zimbali

James Anderson (North Coast Courer) Picture: Snare Aware. A Snare Aware team-member searches for snares near the Ballito Village development.

Following successful sweeps in Sheffield, the Snare Aware team returned to the North Coast to find yet more snares impacting local wildlife.

Targeting one of the last remaining greenbelts in the greater Ballito area, the team scoured the space between the Ballito Village development and Siza Water Treatment Works.

A vagrant’s shelter found in the area of the sweep.
Photo: Snare Aware.

In just two hours, two members of the team found a staggering 21 active snares.

“The team was also surprised with the number of vagrant shelters they came across, adding to the list of possible suspects that are poaching in this greenbelt,” said Snare Aware.

An example of a snare fastened to a tree. Photo: Snare Aware.

“Twenty-one snares is a surprising and alarming number of snares in such a small space. The poacher has been operating with impunity in this area, setting snares and manipulating the wildlife paths at his leisure.”

To support the snare removal effort, visit Snare Aware on Facebook to find out how you can help.