Coast KZN

16 Oct 2016

Tractor pulls Jeep from the surf at Beach Bums, Seatides

Allan Troskie (North Coast Courier)

A tractor had to be brought in to tow the vehicle out. The owner was nowhere to be found. Photo Credit: Specialised Rescue

Unconfirmed reports suggest the driver was playing “chicken” with the waves when he became stuck in the sand.

A Jeep being driven illegally on Casuarina Beach in front of Beach Bums restaurant in Seatides was rescued by a tractor this afternoon after being caught by the tides and supposedly abandoned by it’s owner.

Shortly after 2pm Quentin Power of Specialised Rescue Unit told The Courier that there was a red Jeep stuck in the surf near to Beach Bums and that locals were attempting to pull it out.

From what witnesses on the beach described it appears the owner of the vehicle abandoned it and fled after becoming stuck in the sand.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that he not only drove the Jeep illegally onto the beach but was playing “chicken” with the waves when the vehicle became stuck in the sand.

Waves were lapping over the vehicle’s roof by the time it was towed from the surf.

The vehicle was pulled out at the site of the famous Ghost House of Seatides, that was knocked down earlier this year.