Coast KZN

01 Nov 2020

Three years down the line, nurdles remain a problem as locals clean up Zimbali beach

Juan Venter (North Coast Courier) Picture: Black bags containing trash were disposed of and people were introduced to the trommel kindly sponsored by Litter4Tokens during Saturday's beach clean-up at Zimbali beach.

A superstorm caused a Mediterranean Shipping Company vessel to lose cargo in October of 2017 – the cargo lost contained an incalculable amount of nurdles, tiny pieces of plastic which today still plague South African beaches.

“We are all beach lovers and want to teach our children about the importance of looking after the environment,” said Lovemore-Baker.

“Nurdles remain a major problem and there has recently been another spill.”

Southern Peninsula beaches around the Cape have seen thousands of nurdles wash ashore recently.

 Sue Beningfield, Bronwyn Karlberg, Brendon Smith, Grant Baker, Bo Baker, Kate Lovemore-Baker and Billi Baker (front).

Following the clean-up at Zimbali beach, the trio of ladies also introduced residents of the estate, and those who came to support the initiative, to a new permanent fixture at the beach. Sponsored by Litter4Tokens, a trommel has been installed at the beach.

Locals thoroughly enjoyed cleaning up the Zimbali beach on Saturday, with children and parents alike combing through sand searching for nurdles.

“This is a fun way for adults and kids alike to separate nurdles from sand and send them off to be recycled.”