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Understanding our Coast

TheĀ  Understanding our Coast booklet, first published in 2011, has been completely revised and updated.

Copies of Understanding our Coast will be distributed through uShaka Sea World (Education) and the EDTEA.

Many people live, work and enjoy leisure activities in coastal areas, putting increased pressure on coastal resources and making the coast vulnerable to long term damage. This would decrease its value and the provision of goods and services. Sound management of coastal resources is therefore necessary. The National Environmental Management: Integrated Coastal Management (ICM) Act (No. 24 of 2008) and the ICM Amendment Act (36 of 2014) provides a more precise system of defining the coast and its features, and aims to improve coastal management and to promote equitable access to and use of coastal resources.

The Understanding our Coast booklet (first published in 2011), has been revised in a user-friendly format, while maintaining its informative nature. It aims to heighten public awareness of the legislation, benefits and risks of living in this unique environment, as well as the potential impacts that human activities may have on the coast. While it is just a brief overview of some important outcomes of human activities, we hope it will assist people to better understand the implications of their actions on the coastal zone, now and in the future.

You can download a copy of the booklet here!

Understanding our Coast