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The Profile of the KZN Coast

Commercial Resource Uses

In addition to the many social and recreational amenities provided by coastal KZN, there are also a number of commercial ventures and opportunities based on coastal resources. These contribute significantly to job creation and to the Province's economy and include coastal tourism, fishing, diving as well as agriculture and extractive dune mining operations.

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Some eight million tourists revel in KZN annually, attracted by its rich and unique natural environment and especially its coastline and beaches. Tourism to KZN has been expanding and forms an increasingly important component of the economy and future development of the Province. Growth in tourism also underpins infrastructure development and employment.

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Commercial Fisheries

South Africa has rich fishery resources with authorisation to harvest commercially being given to a number of operators. There are several, widely-differing types of commercial fisheries in KZN, comprising oyster gathering, estuarine bait collecting, beach seine-netting, linefishing, industrial trawling and pelagic long-lining. None of these activities are very extensive in scale, but they are of provincial significance as they provide employment as well as economic benefits to those who participate in them, while providing members of the public and the local hospitality industry with seafood. The long term sustainability of commercial fisheries in KZN can only be assured through careful management of the fisheries themselves.

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As fisheries of wild stocks decline amid growing demand for high quality fish as food, can the farming of fish contribute to food security? The UN Food & Agriculture Organisation defines aquaculture as “farming of aquatic organisms, including fish, molluscs, crustaceans and aquatic plants”.

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Minerals and Mining

South Africa has an abundance of mineral resources and as a result is a world leader in mining, contributing significantly to the world’s primary mineral production and reserves. Although it has not been blessed with the mineral riches of some of the other South African provinces, KZN is a world leader in terms of titanium mineral concentrates production.

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Manufacturing and Industry

There are a number of large, globally competitive industries located in KZN, involved in manufacturing diverse products such as motor vehicles and vehicle parts, specialised metals, textiles, chemicals, forestry products, food and beverages - many of which are located within the KZN coastal zone. The management and monitoring of industrial activity, particularly in terms of waste disposal and the associated marine outfalls, is vital to mitigate and minimise negative environmental impact on the sensitive coastal zone. It is hoped that the integrated coastal management legislation will be sensibly applied to plan for future industrial opportunities in KZN.

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Agricultural activities are considered to be important contributors to the economy of KZN and South Africa. Some of these agriculturally related activities, notably sugar cane and forestry, occur within the province’s coastal zone. In addition to revenue generation, both of these industries are relatively labour intensive and provide employment opportunities to a large number of unskilled workers in KZN.

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