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UPL Chemical Spill

A warehouse situated at the Cornubia Business Park belonging to an agro-chemical company, UPL South Africa (Pty) Ltd, was directly affected by the unrest in KZN from 12 - 16 July 2021.

The warehouse was set alight and burnt to the ground. It contained a large amount of agro-chemcials and it is acknowledged that the incident has had a disastrous effect on the environment surrounding the immediate vicinity of the premises where the incident occurred, as well as the surrounding ecology, including the coast and marine resources. In addition, the possibility exists that the incident may lead to adverse health impacts on communities surrounding the area and adjacent to the coastal waters, and these factors are crucial to every action that is being implemented by the various organs of state, as well as UPL and the experts appointed by it. A multi-stakeholder approach which includes experts in various fields has been adopted and the incident remains under investigation by various organs of state and the experts appointed by UPL.

This dedicated Information Page has been developed primarily to ensure the free-flow and access to information to enhance the transparency of actions relating to this incident. This page serves to provide an opportunity for the various stakeholders making up the team to provide reports to the public domain with a joint objective of instant dispersal of information and openness to all interested and affected parties. Further, that all information and reports received which should be disclosed, are done so in a coordinated manner with equitable access to all interested and affected parties. This “repository” will avoid a situation where information is being provided piecemeal. All prior reports and documents have been moved to this portal effective 01 April 2023, having been previously hosted on (site now closed).


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