Coast KZN

10 Aug 2022

Teenagers grab 15kg fish with bare hands at Salmon Bay

James Anderson (North Coast Courier) Picture: Josh Holtzhausen with the hand-caught garrick.

Everyone has heard stories of titanic fights with fish, where the bedraggled fisherman risks his safety and sanity to pull in a monster. It’s the kind of story your dad’s friend tells you about someone he knew in the army who caught a 600 kg tuna off the Mozambique coast, tearing three muscles in his bicep in the process.

After listening to hours of protracted storytelling about the man, who comes across as a hybrid of Poseidon and Dick King, you might discover that you too have the patience to be a fisherman.

Well, fishing is not always that difficult, as was recently illustrated by Ballito locals Joshua Holtzhausen (16) and siblings Jessica (16) and Bjorn Louw (14).

The trio were out surfing and body-boarding off Salmon Bay last Friday, when they spotted a sizeable fish surface right next to them.

Jessica Louw and Josh Holtzhausen pose with their hand-caught garrick.

“At first we thought it was a shark, so we started paddling to shore. But Jessica saw that it wasn’t and went to take a closer look,” said Holtzhausen.

Upon closer inspection, they found that it was a large garrick which was worse for wear.

“It was kind of half alive, flailing at the surface. We were not really sure what had happened to it, but the boys worked together to haul it in,” said Jessica.

When they got to shore and weighed it, the group found they had pulled in an impressive 15.65 kg fish, with nothing but their bare hands. They carted it home and enjoyed the well deserved, if unexpected, fruits of their labour.

Perhaps fishing is not that hard after all.