Coast KZN

24 Apr 2024

Teen snake catcher rescues huge python in Umkomaas

Vanisha Moodley Picture: The big Southern African rock python handled by Raihaan Khan and members of the community in Umkomaas.

Raihaan Khan, a 15-year-old snake catcher from the mid-South Coast, caught his very first Southern African rock python last week. Khan received reports of a massive snake in an informal settlement near the river in Crowders, Umkomaas.

He rushed to the scene with his dad and safely caught the python.

“This is the biggest snake that I have rescued so far; it was about 4.5 m in length,” he said.
Khan said that it is normal for these snakes to be around all year long, but he felt very lucky to have been able to catch one this size.

It was safely released into its natural habitat at a different location because it was being targeted at the previous location by someone wanting to kill it.

The young lad has previous experience in catching snakes and has snake-catching certificates.
“I have caught and rescued many other snakes, such as a Mozambique spitting cobra and a green mamba,” added Khan.
“I believe I am one of the youngest snake catches on the South Coast.”

When he is not at school and rescuing snakes, Khan does snake shows at Riverview Ranch in Umkomaas to educate the public about snakes they may encounter locally.

Raihaan Khan with the massive python.