Coast KZN

15 Aug 2018

Team work brings fresh new look to Blue Flag Trafalgar

Zimasa Mgwili (South Coast herald)

The clean-up then gathered momentum and turned into a facelift.

The lifeguard hut at Trafalgar beach has been given a new lease on life, thanks to renovations and a fresh and cheerful coat of paint.

Trafalgar residents have joined hands to make sure their beach reflects its hard-won Blue Flag status.

According to residents, swimming pool issues, litter and the run-down lifeguard hut had spoiled the magnificent beach, and this spurred them into taking action.

“We love the weather and pristine beauty of our beach. However, after every weekend we have to contend with an awful amount of garbage left in Beach Lane and other areas that really made the beach access look less than Blue Flag status,” explained Ann-Sophi Santos, who has lived in Trafalgar for the past 10 years.

In April this year, a clean-up campaign was initiated by community members in partnership with the Trafalgar Residents’ and Ratepayers’ Association (TRRA), when they realised the lifesaver’s hut was in a terrible state.

The clean-up then gathered momentum and turned into a facelift, with the group fixing a broken window and getting a contractor in to help with repairs to the interior of the hut.

Ray Nkonyeni Municipality stepped in and replaced the leaky roof, and gave the residents permission to repaint the shabby hut, which was funded privately.

The cheerful hut serves as a shining beacon of just what can be achieved when people work together.

Together with Ray Nkonyeni Municipality, the group is steaming ahead with other improvements, including refuse removal and recycling.