Coast KZN

04 Sep 2020

Task team to tackle polluted Amanzimtoti rivers

Bianca Lalbahadur (South Coast Sun) Picture: Chairman of Amanzimtoti Conservancy, Rev Andrew Manning.

An integrated task team has been established to address sewerage pollution following the shocking state of the Little Amanzimtoti River.

Chairman of Amanzimtoti Conservancy, Rev Andrew Manning said, “Polluted rivers are a problem that won’t happen overnight, or in a month. A group of people met this week to establish a technical task team to address sewerage pollution in the Lower Umgeni, Isipingo, and Amanzimtoti River Catchments. The issues are diverse and complex, if they weren’t, they wouldn’t be problems. Admittedly, there are no quick-fix solutions, but we are broadening the influence and integrating the efforts of many people who want to see our river and seawater quality improved. We appeal to the community to keep up the pressure, report water leaks, sewerage spills, and problems to Your frustration with the system has been heard and now we need to persist with and improve the reporting. If possible, take a photo, give an accurate location and time that you identified the contamination. Continue to make your voice heard and speak up for our rivers and oceans,” he added.

Meanwhile, about 20 to 30 dead fish were found on the banks of  the Toti River on Monday, 31 August. Ward 97 councillor, Andre Beetge sent a team to investigate and it was found that they were all saltwater fish. Although the mouth is now open, it is believed they may have been caught in the estuary earlier and not killed by sewage outfall.

There were, however, wastewater outfalls over the weekend, two of which were addressed. One was from the Maple Road line off Southgate Industrial Park into Umdoni Bird Park and then via the channel to the river. Beetge had that inspected and the water cleared. The second was a blockage in Umdoni Road in front of Kingsway High School that also spilled into the same channel. The blockage was removed.

The last one was the Isundu Road pumpstation that’s been spilling since Friday, 28 August.

“It was brought to our attention on Sunday night. We requested attention on Monday morning and I asked the area superintendant to attend on Tuesday morning,” said Beetge.