Coast KZN

20 Oct 2020

Take note of the beaches where the life-saving pink buoys are located

(South Coast Herald)

Rule number one for a safe experience at the beach is to choose a beach that has lifeguards on duty and to swim between their flags.

Unfortunately, for various reasons, people regularly swim where there are no lifeguards on duty. This may be on a beach after the Lifeguard’s duty has finished or at a beach that does not have lifeguards. This is where things can go badly wrong. Because this happens so often, Sea Rescue launched its Pink Rescue Buoy project in November 2017.

These bright Pink Rescue Buoys are hung on strategically placed signs and it’s hoped that they will remind people to take care when entering water – and not to swim if lifeguards are not on duty. If there is an incident and someone needs help these buoys can be thrown to that person, providing emergency floatation.

There are clear graphics on the sign which explain how to use the buoy. And most importantly, the emergency number for the closest Sea Rescue station is printed on the sign.

If the rescuer decides, against advice, to enter the water the Pink Rescue Buoy provides floatation for that person as well as for the casualty.

Sea Rescue emergency number from your cell phone: 112 or call:  NSRI Emergency Operation Centre (EOC) at 087 094 9774.

Name Location Description
32- B1 (32 Port Edward) 32- B1 Outside Station
32- B2 (32 Port Edward) 32- B2 Outside Station
32- SR1 (32 Port Edward) 32- SR1 Grannies Pool
32- SR2 (32 Port Edward) 32- SR2 Spiro Beach
32- WS3 (32 Port Edward) 32- WS3 Port Sea Rocks
32- WS4 (32 Port Edward) 32- WS4 Lighthouse Rocks
32-03 (32 Port Edward) 32-03 Marina Beach
32-04 (32 Port Edward) 32-04 Trafalgar Surf Life Saving Club
32-05 (32 Port Edward) 32-05 Kidds Beach (Leisure Bay)
32-06 (32 Port Edward) 32-06 Drakes Beach (Leisure Bay)
32-07 (32 Port Edward) 32-07 Peter Pan Beach (Leisure Bay)
32-08 (32 Port Edward) 32-08 Umtamvunu River
32-09 (32 Port Edward) 32-09 Glenmore Beach
32-10 (32 Port Edward) 32-10 Umtamvuna River
32-11 (32 Port Edward) 32-11 Thompsons Bay Lagoon
32-12 (32 Port Edward) 32-12 Thompsons Bay Lagoon
32-13 (32 Port Edward) 32-13 Southbroom Main Beach
32-14 (32 Port Edward) 32-14 Kent Bay, Marina Beach
39- RB1 (39 Rocky Bay) 39- RB1 Park Rynie Ski Boat Club
39-RB2 (39 Rocky Bay) 39-RB2 Park Rynie Ski Boat Club – in front of the caravan park