Coast KZN

21 Jul 2018

#Stopsucking at recycling

Elana Wagner (North Coast Courier) Picture: Tree's clever straws made from fruit and vegetable extracts, mielie cob starch and plant sources makes them natural and eco-friendly.

Here is a list of local franchise restaurants leading the plastic free revolution.

The Dolphin Coast has hitched onto the international ‘no plastic’ wagon to reduce waste, save what is left of the oceans and promote recycling.

Leading the plastic free revolution are the following local franchise restaurants: Ocean Basket has proudly adopted The Last Straw movement, Kauai is asking customers to think twice about that single-use plastic lid and straw and Afro’s Chicken have moved to glass bottles and 100 percent biodegradable forks made from corn starch.a

Ballito’s Scoop has also said no to plastic and use nifty 100 percent biodegradable and compostable cups and straws made from starch from mielie cobs.

Next time you sip on a smoothie from Tree, don’t feel guilty about using their straws as they are made from fruit and vegetable extracts, mielie cob starch and plant sources making them natural and eco-friendly.

If you are at a restaurant that is still on the plastic straw route and you would prefer enjoying your double thick milkshake with the ease of a straw, make sure to bring your own trendy, environmentally friendly version.

Choose between bamboo, stainless steel or the budget-friendly Khanyiso straw made from Khanyiso Reed from Mozambique for R10 a straw.

Get your straws online or pop in to Azikho in Ballito.