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02 Nov 2015

St Lucia Estuary blown dry by strong winds

Tamlyn Jolly (Zululand Observer)

A hippo painstakingly makes its way up the narrow band of water that is now the St Lucia Estuary

Hippo battles to swim upstream at St Lucia Estuary.

For the first time that any St Lucia resident is aware, today’s gale force winds appear to be blowing the St Lucia estuary dry.
‘In 41 years of living here I have never experienced anything like this,’ said Andrew Georgiou as he gazed in amazement over the water as it blew upstream.
As many other residents and visitors flocked to the St Lucia bridge this morning to witness the spectacle, tour operators started counting the cost of what is already being viewed as a disaster.
‘This month marks the beginning of the busy tour bus season,’ said one of the estuary tour operators.
‘At this time of year we get four or five coaches coming through town everyday, solely to enjoy a hippo and croc cruise, eat lunch at one of the restaurants and continue on their way. Ninety-nine out of every 100 people go on a hippo and croc cruise because it is one of the most affordable activities in St Lucia. Now we are having to refund every pre-booked guest and turn away walk-in guests. It is a disaster’.
Meanwhile, only the largest hippo in the resident pod in waters just north of the bridge braved the strong winds and attempted to swim downstream. Watch the video.


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