Coast KZN

27 Jun 2017

South Durban anglers want fish prioritised over oil

Erin Hanekom (Southland Sun) Picture: (Photo Credit: SDCEA)


Fishermen fight for their rights.

Local subsistence fishermen, along with the South Durban Community Environmental Alliance (SDCEA) gathered at Snake Park Pier on the Durban beachfront on Monday, 19 June to launch their campaign ‘Fish Not Oil’.

Two books, written by Vanessa Burgher in collaboration with the KZN Subsistence Fisherfolk, called ‘Fishing Mentoring Training Manual’ and ‘Let Them Eat Fish’ were handed out.

The books contain vital information on the rights and responsibilities of fishermen.

The aim of the day was to bring to bear the plight of local fishermen and their dwindling access to the ocean as large developments impact on land, ocean and wildlife.

Morgan Govender of the Seine Netters spoke to the gathering.

“Morgan spoke eloquently of his history since his family arrived over 150 years ago and fished in the Durban Harbour and in the Indian Ocean. He stressed the need for all fishermen to be united under the KZN fisherfolk banner to fight for their right to access both the harbour and the ocean,” said SDCEA communications and media officer, Joanne Groom.

Dr Nnimmo Bassey, an environmental activist from Nigeria, said his country faced a similar problem where fishermen were “suffering from the consequences of the exploration for oil and through the destruction of the marine life and agriculture. We hope with the help, expertise and experience of Dr Bassey with these proposed developments, we can gain insight and thereafter gain victories in this struggle.”