Coast KZN

07 Oct 2020

Snakebite Institute offers insight on slithery creatures

Bianca Lalbahadur (South Coast Sun) Picture: supplied: The app will assist the public with identifying different snakes.

With summer fast approaching and snake sightings on the increase, the African Snakebite Institute has released a snakes application.

“It will boost knowledge and awareness of southern African snakes and contribute significantly to their conservation. And in the unlikely event of a snakebite, you will know exactly what first aid measures to follow,” said manager of the organisation, Ashley Kemp.

They also offers online snake identification courses, which cover groups of snakes that are tricky to identify, frequently encountered and medically important snakes, garden snakes, the deadly dozen, small black snakes, green snakes and a variety of other snakes that people find difficult to identify.

“This is a world first for snake awareness of Southern African snakes, and the six-part course covers snake awareness, behaviour, biology, venoms, first aid for snakebite, first aid for scorpion sting and first aid for spider bite.”