Coast KZN

27 Sep 2022

Shad season closure imminent

Sealice (North Coast Courier) Picture: No doubt, some will ignore the fact that catching shad will be illegal from that point on.

Last week’s cold front ruined angling in many respects for the first three days of the week. Temperatures dropped real low, with some places recording snowfall. But even the sun’s radiant display on Friday was short-lived when anglers were blown off beaches by the arrival of a southerly wind, which grew to a moderate to fresh north easterly the next day. Frustrating, this season truly is better known as the windy one of the lot.

Finally, Sunday was beautiful and anglers managed to catch up on hours of missed angling. Fishing along the South Coast was however quiet and slow, while some fish were caught at some of the popular spots. Some big shad weighing around five kilos were reported from Port Edward to Margate, plus one or two shoal kob and a stumpie, but not much else.

Reports of baitfish accompanied by birds and gamefish heading north were received, but this could have been anything and I think the sardines are done with. That being said, water temperatures are around 21 degrees Celsius, so who knows.

Durban beaches are still closed, with more dead fish at Blue Lagoon.

Some anglers tried out the rocky areas where catches consisted of copper bream. Nine stumpies and a big spade fish were caught, too. Inedible catches included blue skates and some small sharks.

There’s still no news of shad or Garrick. Local anglers fared better with shad, however the locations were not being released for obvious reasons. Expect anglers hunting for shad to be at the beach each morning at first light until midday on Friday when season closes. No doubt, some will ignore the fact that catching shad will be illegal from that point on.

Along with shad, Garrick have put in some appearances, specifically at Tinley Manor which appears to be coming alive once more.

Copper bream remains the target of local anglers, with prawn bait yielding results. Most of the copper bream have been well sized.

Stumpnose is also producing some good sport, a Ballito angler who caught a 6 kg fish found out. The lower North Coast is yielding a good number of these fish. Anglers should also turn their gaze toward Salt Rock and Sheffield beaches which could produce some nice edible fish species from this week.

Meanwhile, ears are tuned to news of dorado which should be making an appearance soon.