Coast KZN

24 Sep 2020

Several snares found in eMdloti green belt

(Northglen News) Picture: eMdloti resident, Taryn Cuthbert expressed her shock at finding several snares in the bushes and green belts around eMdloti. She organised a snare hunt where 15 snares were found by residents.

Local resident, Taryn Cuthbert has expressed her concern at the discovery of several snares placed in green belts around eMdloti. Last week she hosted a snare hunt where fellow residents and learners from Kearsney College and Reddam House, Umhlanga helped remove 15 snares.

Hunters have placed various snares around the resort town including along the green belt on Bellamont Road. More snares were found in the green belt between the dolphin sign and the local SPAR confirmed Cuthbert. To set the trap, hunters use the snare, which is a loop of wire suspended from a branch or small tree. The snare catches an animal by the neck and as the animal attempts to escape, the snare pulls tighter trapping the animal.

“It all started when my dad came across a black cat that had been missing for a few days in the bush. After joining him in the search and within a short space of time we had discovered five snares in various directions. Although we weren’t able to find the missing cat we discovered a network of trails were snares had been set by hunters,” Cuthbert explained. She added her concern was not only for wildlife but also for domestic animals after a grisly discovery during the snare hunt.

“I put out a message on the eMdloti Umdloti 568 Community Facebook page that we were organising a hunt and the response was incredible. Sadly we found the skeleton of a dog with a snare around the pooch’s neck. We also found the collar of the dog which led us to believe it used to be someone’s pet. I feel these snares are impacting on the natural wildlife and what is sad is there are more spots we have yet to discover. My aim going forward is to host a snare hunt once every month,” she said.