Coast KZN

01 Aug 2017

SDCEA workshop mentors subsistence anglers

Erin Hanekom ( Southlands Sun)

Mentors to educate fellow fishermen.

LOCAL subsistence fishermen were better empowered to provide for themselves and their families after a workshop hosted by the South Durban Community Environmental Alliance (SDCEA).

On Thursday, 20 July a fishermen’s mentorship workshop for KZN subsistence fishermen was held at Austerville community hall. Subsistence fishermen rely on fishing to feed their families and create an income. With limited fishing space and dwindling fishing stocks, it is necessary for these anglers to be supported with training.

The subsistence fishermen were trained to become mentors in their fishing communities.

“The purpose of the fishermen’s workshop was to educate and train the subsistence fishermen representatives in mentoring, leadership, conflict management and safety skills. The representatives are seen as leaders in their different fishing communities therefore it is imperative they learn these skills in order to take them back to their fishing areas and mentor other subsistence fishermen in the same regard,” said SDCEA’s Chadley Joseph. The training was conducted by Margie Angamutu of MA Training.

“We hope to see the newly trained fishing mentors in their communities, sharing their new found knowledge and understanding with other subsistence fishermen.”



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