Coast KZN

17 Jun 2021

Sardines make a second appearance

Danielle Naidoo (South Coast Herald) Picture: Sardines being netted at Uvongo beach this morning.

After yesterday’s excitement following the appearance of sardines at Port Edward, the little silver fish popped up again today (Thursday), this time at Uvongo Pier and Sandspit.

Crates of sardines being carried away at Uvongo.

Crowds took to the beach as early as 06:30 this morning, to get their hands on the sardines.

The road at Uvongo Pier this morning after the arrival of sardines.

There was a lively and joyous atmosphere, showing the obvious interest that these shoals bring with them.

Crates being filled at Uvongo Beach this morning.

According to fishermen on the beach, six nets were sent out at Uvongo and two were sent out at Sandspit. It was an action filled morning, with a crowded street and crates filled to the brim.

Currently, sardines are still being netted at Uvongo Beach.