Coast KZN

01 Jul 2021

Sardine run impacts north coast fishing

Richard Spingorum (Zululand Observer) Picture: Richards Bay's Dean Reddy measures his catch at a recent angling competition in Mtunzini

The annual sardine run has affected angling in the north coast region over the past week, with fishing reports coming in as ‘high and dry’. The rock and surf fraternity has not had much luck, as the sardines have attracted the majority of predator fish to south coast waters. There have been some good inedibles coming out, but only for drone bait anglers who have managed to drop their bait into the deeper waters.

Deeper waters have produced some nice-sized fish, with the throwing baits only bringing in small inedibles and flatfish. For those anglers able to get their bait into the deeper waters, a mackerel head and cutlets have proved irresistible. Just remember to only wade in where you are comfortable and to not wade in when fishing alone.

Deep sea adventurers have also had to make their way down south to get some action. Most of the gamefish action has been on live bait. Ensure to have the trace ready for the bait as you catch it or that your live bait well is operating properly.

If you are sitting on the drift or slowly cruising forward, have a go at throwing lures to maximise your chances. Try whipping a spoon or bucktail jig from the bottom or a popper along the surface, as these lures are not only eaten, but also attract fish to your spread of baits.

Source: The Kingfisher