Coast KZN

21 Jun 2017

Sardine run fever hits KZN

Thobeka Ngema (Daily News) Picture: File Photo: John Lamberti


Fishermen were treated to the unexpected arrival of sardines in Scottburgh along the KwaZulu-Natal south coast on Wednesday.

The long-awaited sardines made their way to KwaZulu-Natal shores for the first time in two years. There has not been a sardine run since 2015.

according to the head of operations at the KwaZulu-Natal Sharks Board, Mike Anderson-Reade, 2016 was a bad year and if there is no sardine run, the fishermen are miserable.

“Scottburgh calculated an unexpected 110 crates, which is equal to about 30 dozen sardines in a crate. It was a surprise shoal.”

The surprise arrival of sardines made a lot of fishermen happy.

“There is great excitement. It brings game fishing, lots of activities for people, dolphins and just the excitement of it,” added Anderson-Reade.

Fishermen and some of the population are hoping it will be a fruitful season of sardines for all.

However, Anderson-Reade said he has no idea when the sardines will hit Durban because the sardines were unexpected in Scottburgh. If this is the start of the sardine run, then the sardines could hit Durban on Thursday, in a week or 10 days, because it is difficult to predict.

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