Coast KZN

17 Jun 2022

SARDINE RUN 2022: Sardines netted at Margate beach

Sugan Naidoo (South Coast Herald) Picture: Hundreds of people descended on the beach, armed with buckets and whatnot, hoping to grab a share of the spoils.

The sardines have arrived, with great excitement at Margate beach. Crowds of people braved the cold weather and icy winds to get down to the beach to witness the seine netters bringing the ‘silver gold’ ashore. The beach is packed, some reckon there are at least 1000 people there, and the excitement is tangible as the thrill of seeing the fish being netted proved infectious.

It’s early days but hopefully it will signal another successful run of the ‘Greatest Shoal on Earth’.

Crates are apparently selling for around R1500, which is not unheard of early on in the season.