Coast KZN

19 Jun 2019

Sardine Run 2019: Sardines evade KZN waters, for now

Holly Konig (South Coast Sun) Picture: A photo of the mass of sardines netted at Subway Beach, between Warner Beach and Winklespruit Beach last year (2018). PHOTO: Holly Konig

KwaZulu-Natal Sharks Board (KZNSB) officials have confirmed that sardine activity has continued – and even increased – in the Eastern Cape over the long weekend between Manteku and Mbotyi in Transkei.

The silver shoals have yet to make their appearance in KZN waters.

“The divers operating out of Port St Johns reported numerous baitballs and loads of Gannets and dolphins feeding between Manteku and Mbotyi,” said KZN Sharks Board’s acting head of operations, Greg Thompson.

“We are not sure how far this activity has moved or if it has moved, but we will be sending a boat South from Port Edward into the Eastern Cape to try and keep track on any sardines moving North.”

Thompson explained that so far, KZN Sharks Board is unaware of any confirmed sardine nettings in KZN. The sardines are very unpredictable and keep those interested in their whereabouts guessing.

“We sent a boat through to the the Mtentu River on Tuesday morning, 18 June. There is a definite increase in Gannets in the area, with a couple large rafts of birds seen too. Apart from that, there is no sign of actual sardines on the inside line depth yet. For now its just a waiting game for all those eager to see these little silver fish,” he said.

The KZNSB will continue to monitor activity in the days ahead.