Coast KZN

14 Nov 2016

Sad ending to jolly jelly mating frolics

Mia Moorcroft (Zululand Observer)


Richards Bay beach invasion

Hundreds of jellyfish were found strewn along the shoreline from Alkantstrand past Five Mile Beach on Friday.

Zululand Multi Sports Club President Casper Kriel first reported the congregation of adult ‘jellies’ after he went to inspect the beach before a beach walk event organised for Saturday and Sunday.

‘They were all over the place. I counted at least 150 scattered between Alkantstrand and the Richards Bay Caravan Park beach.’
According to Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife honorary officer Jaco Bates, the mass stranding is most likely a result of a mating frenzy.

‘They are known to spawn, die and wash up. Spawning is controlled by light, so the entire population spawns at about the same time of day, often at either dusk or dawn.

‘But there is no need to pick them up or bury them as they decompose quite rapidly.’


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