Coast KZN

31 Mar 2021

Richards Bay illegal poaching activity halted

Dave Savides (Zuuand Observer) Picture: Another 3km of gill nets was recovered, with 63 fish released

North Coast Anti-Poaching (NCAP) members put yet another dent into illegal fish poaching activities on Friday night, recovering about 3km of gill nets. The selfless volunteers of this non-profit organisation went out on a repeat raid and, under the cover of darkness, intercepted two boats in the mud flats area of the harbour, one of which sank.

No fewer than five ‘wall-of-death’ gill nets were recovered, each 600 m long, with meshes varying between 15 mm and 45 mm. A total of 63 fish were recovered, still alive, and were released to swim another day.

While NCAP enjoys the backing of a number of loyal sponsors, anyone who wants to contribute towards their operational expenses can donate via EFT to the following account:

North Coast Anti Poaching

Standard Bank Richards Bay

Savings Account Branch code: 058030

Acc: 03 4731 024

For more information, visit the ‘North Coast Anti Poaching’ Facebook page.