Coast KZN

20 Sep 2020

Residents dig deep at mass planting at Bridgevale Valley

(Northglen News) Picture: Bailey and Corey Landsberg were two of the youngest volunteers at the mass planting at Bridgevale Valley on Saturday.

Bridgevale Valley in Durban North was a hive of activity recently as residents joined Enviro Fixers Durban North to plant 82 species of indigenous trees. The park, situated across the road from Japanese Gardens, has seen a massive change since the NPO maintained and managed the space.

In all 261 new trees were planted and the turnout by residents far exceeded expectations said Enviro Fixer member and conservationist, Jane Troughton.

“The more than 200 trees planted is significant because although Bridgevale looks like it is full of trees, most of them are alien invaders and the rest comprise basically only four pioneer species with a few exceptions. Being able to plant all these trees is really is habitat creation and so exciting. It enables us to move forward with alien eradication in tandem. If we were to only remove aliens and not plant at the same time we would remove habitat and the wildlife would go as well.

“The community support was incredible. It was so heartwarming to see families scrambling up the banks, little humans learning how to plant. Some residents also came to plant for loved ones or to celebrate a recent engagement; it far exceeded our expectations. We all feel like we are on an incredibly positive journey creating this nature reserve in the middle of suburbia in quite a bleak time. We hope we continue to draw in people from all over Durban to come and experience a bit of peace and beauty,” she said.

Troughton said the next project was developing the grassland within the park.