Coast KZN

14 Sep 2020

Resident captures incredible footage of ocean life off eMdloti coast

(Northglen News) Picture: LOCAL resident, Craig Condy, captured some spectacular aerial footage last Monday of a baby humpback whale playing with its parents off eMdloti’s coastline.

Condy, a recreational drone pilot, spotted the trio around 1.7 kilometres off the shoreline.  Besides capturing the spectacular sight, Condy has also managed to film a manta ray as well as pods of dolphins swimming past the small resort town.

“I’ve been flying drones for the past five years and I’ve been to various countries around the world. What is incredible is how it offers you a different perspective when it comes to the world around you and wildlife in particular. On this particular day I spotted the whales splashing off the eMdloti coast and I decided to get some footage of them.

“It was such a magical sighting because at times the adult whale would launch out of the water and then seconds later the young calf would do the same almost emulating its parents. I think we are incredibly lucky having this kind of beauty right on our doorstep,” he said.

Condy’s YouTube channel, Escape Scout, also boasts a number of videos of the sea life around eMdloti including this pod of dolphins swimming past the resort town.

In March this year, Glenhills resident Anup Rampiar’s clip of a pod of dolphins swimming alongside surfski paddlers went viral.