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15 Jan 2018

Port of Richards Bay December shipping stats

Tamlyn Jolly (Zululand Observer) Picture: The Port of Richards Bay (Photo: GR Photography)

A total of 7.9-million tonnes of cargo was handled at our local port

December’s shipping statistics are in and 7.9 million tonnes of cargo was handled at the Port of Richards Bay.

Bulk cargo shipped from our shores totalled 7 364 806 tonnes, while 376 830 tonnes was the total bulk that landed on our shores, putting the total bulk cargo at 7 760 834 tonnes.

Breakbulk totalled 172 728 tonnes, with this figure being predominantly breakbulk that was shipped from the Bay.

Just 235 tonnes of breakbulk landed on our shores.

No vehicles were handled at the Port of Richards Bay last month.

Expressed in 6m units (twenty-foot equivalent units), a total of 13 containers landed at the Port of Richards Bay, 11 of which were empty and two full.

Almost 400 containers were shipped from the Bay, taking the total containers handled by the port for the month of December to 403.

Vessel arrivals for the Port of Richards Bay totalled 182 at a total gross tonnage of 6 996 258 tonnes.

This figure included a total of five general cargo vessels at 158 785 tonnes, a total of 141 bulk vessels at 6 123 346 tonnes, one container vessel at 20 902 tonnes and 20 tankers.

Of the 20 tankers, nine were oil tankers, 10 chemical and one LPG, at a total of 499 221 tonnes.

Three passenger vessels arrived at the Port of Richards Bay last month totalling 111 598 tonnes.