Coast KZN

04 Oct 2020

Please ‘Adopt a Spot’ and help beautify the coast

(South Coast Herald) Picture: FILE: The tidal pool area on Lilliecrona Boulevard in Manaba.

Two local businesses, Holiday ‘Wo’ Man and Inkman have decided it’s time, again, to make Margate ‘the place to be’. Holiday season is approaching and they have come up with a challenge and hope all business on the South Coast will follow suit.

“We decided to ‘Adopt a Spot’ and have chosen the Manaba tidal pool,” said Billy du Plooy, who has already this year tried his best to patch up potholes on certain roads.

“So, for the next few weeks we will be doing repair and maintenance to upgrade the area.”

He urged the community to come together to make the coastline attractive for all who live and visit here.