Coast KZN

22 Jan 2019

Over 60 new North Coast beach accesses planned

Erica Abrahams (North Coast Courier)

KwaDukuza municipality plans on formally establishing 63 existing routes for the public to access the beaches in the district. KDM media liaison officer Sipho Mkhize said the municipality recently completed an audit of coastal accesses which included existing and historical access points.

“The audit found that there were 63 public coastal access routes to the beaches and is now validating these before they are formally designed as coastal access land.

“In order to manage these areas, we plan to develop a set of coastal access bylaws. “

Mkhize said the municipality would communicate which beaches will be affected once they complete the validation process.

“We are not targeting any beach, this exercise was to ensure that beaches that the public are already utilising are accessible, managed, protected and conserved through the beach nodes development framework and the current beach maintenance plans.”