Coast KZN

30 Aug 2023

Ocean-users warned ahead of supermoon

Gugu Myeni (Zululand Observer) Picture: Lena Bauermeister/ Unsplash. The supermoon is expected to have an impact on the tide

The National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) has warned anglers, bathers, and sailors to be cautious around the coastline as tides could be affected by this week’s supermoon.

Wednesday will mark the second supermoon in one month – the third consecutive supermoon, and the last, for the year.

The NSRI said this full moon brings the Spring tide ‘where high tide is higher than normal and low tide is lower than normal’.

“Spring tide can have an increased effect on the strength of rip currents and caution is advised,” the NSRI said.

“Already you will have noticed the growing Spring tide’s high tide higher than normal and the growing Spring tide’s low tide lower than normal – building gradually over the past few days.

“The full effect of this super moon blue moon Spring tide peaks during the full moon period over the 30 and 31 August and then gradually begins to decline over the next few days into the new week.”