Coast KZN

01 Jun 2020

Nothing fishy about sardines being netted at Southbroom, Ramsgate and Marina Beach

(South Coast Herald) Picture: Sardines netted at Marina Beach.

After a few ‘misses’ over the last couple of years, it seems as if 2020 will be a ‘hit’ – on the sardine front at least. There has been a frenzy of activity on the KZN’s South Coast beaches as the sardines, so often elusive, have come in close enough to shore to be netted.

It’s provided South Coasters, so bogged down by the threat of the Covid-19 virus and lockdown regulations, with a lift in spirits at this time. Whether or not they have all strictly obeyed those regulations, well ….

As far as we know at this stage, there has been netting at Ramsgate, Southbroom and Marina Beach.


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